Arena announcement

2 min readJul 6, 2022


Good day to all users of Warspace!

Some of you are concerned about the lack of announcements of the project development process lately.

Our team is working hard on the implementation of the PVP mode. And yes, we are a little behind schedule, because along with the development of new mechanics, we are improving existing game features. A lot of minor changes have not been announced, but we are sure that you have definitely noticed them.

1. We have made structural changes within the development team, as well as expanded the staff, so that new changes in the game are introduced much faster.

2. The stability of the application has been improved. As you may have noticed, bugs with RPC servers are fixed, login problems and high CPU usage are gone. At the moment game functions work correctly and cases of critical errors from users are extremely rare.

3. Our colleagues from OnlyRockets have achieved good results by changing the economy of the game. So we also decided to significantly change the economy of our game together with the introduction of new mechanics that will be aimed at burning resources. Thus we plan to change the inflation in the game to deflation.

4. We have decided to seriously deal with the problem of bots in the game. Bots are causing severe damage to the economy of the project, increasing inflation and thus devaluing the value of Assets. In this regard, the work of the game through alternative clients and bots will soon be forbidden.

5. One of the biggest challenges we are solving is customer acquisition. (attracting new users). As an experiment, we plan to launch high-risk game mechanics with big rewards. This will attract new wax users to the game, as well as bring back those who already know our brand.
We will announce a more detailed description of the mechanics within a month. This is part of the PVP system encapsulated in a separate product.

The task of this product is

First of all to attract users.

Also to test the off-chain game logic and security of the PVP system.




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