Biggest giveaway ever: $50,000

Not @everyone will be able to take part in this event. You must meet one of the conditions:

Top 30 buyers on Atomic Hub (snapshot taken)

Top 30 active users on Discord (general chat only, you have to have a verified account through honeycomb so we can take your wax wallet)

50 users who boosted the discord server (out of all 191 users, 50 will be chosen at random, a snapshot has already been taken, no further boosters are involved)

The first 50 people who fill out this form: But your account must meet these requirements:

  1. You must have: 3,000 WAX or more in your wallet

3,000 WAX or more

All finalists of the first 10 rounds of the 🦆┃online-stopwatch -stopwatch contest

Advisors and moderators

The list of wallets to participate will be announced tomorrow at 15:00 UTC, at 19:00 UTC, you will be able to participate in this contest — just by clicking on the link with the sale:



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