How to Play

There are 4 types of resources in WarSpace: food, gold, wood and stone!

To produce them, you need a Farm, Gold Mine , Lumber mill and a Stone Quarry.

The profitability of operating your facilities varies depending on the level and rarity of the tools. In the process of mining the player will spend energy and resources.

The player can craft any construction of the initial level having on account the necessary amount of resources.The player will be able to upgrade their buildings by blending similar structures.


  • 3 Farms on level 1, combining them, the player gets a Farm on level 2

Also by merging 3 NFTs a player has a 10% chance to get Rare NFTs and 1% chance to get Epic NFTs.

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Play and earn in the NFT game. New economic mechanics! Merge Crafting Resource Extraction Multi-level System