Metavers giveaway

1 min readApr 8, 2022

Hello OnlySpace community!

It’s time to sum up the results of the First Big Draw to celebrate the creation of the OnlySpace Metaverse

IMPORTANT: Users who have previously received a Diamond Pass including those who have sold it are not eligible to win. But the user who purchased a Diamond Pass on the marketplace has the right to expect to win the raffle.

All of our metaverse users had a week to prepare for the raffle. To qualify for one of the 15 Diamond Passes (an entry to all the major sales in the metaverse) the user had to meet the following three criteria:

Warspace Premium Pass in your wallet;
OnlyRokets Premium Pass in your wallet;
Any 5 NFT buildings of the Warspace project (farm, sawmill, stone quarry or gold mine)in your wallet.

List of the winners: 1dyyw.wam, 1l5ra.wam, 1p1ju.wam, cabba.wam, ccbuu.wam, clgko.c.wam, dbfvq.wam, eft.y.c.wam, hasumrp1nchy, lzfkk.c.wam, oo5.i.c.wam, rksrg.wam, rvpsi.wam, truecryptoff, z1pk..c.wam.

All contestants were manually verified by the team and we would like to thank them for their active participation in Metaverse projects and congratulate them on winning this raffle. Winners will receive their prize within a day.




Play and earn in the NFT game. New economic mechanics! Merge Crafting Resource Extraction Multi-level System