2 min readJul 13, 2022


Good day to all the users of Warspace!

A few days ago we announced the launch of a new game client feature — Warspace Arena, the idea for which arose during the development of the PVP mode, and now we want to introduce it to you a little closer.

The main purpose of the launch of this mode: to give users the opportunity to distract from the grind of resources, as well as to test all real time PVP systems before the full release.

Mechanics: During the development of this mechanic, a lot of interesting ideas were considered. But we decided to focus on the implementation of the most simple and understandable to each player actions.

Users will be offered to take part in a deadly battle against a powerful enemy of the Warspace universe. The number of participants in one battle is unlimited. A generous reward (up to 1,000 WAX!) awaits the winner, the reward will be announced before each battle. In order to enter the boss’ domain the player needs to make a deposit to his inner arena account (between 100 and 1,000 WAX). These funds will be used by the player to deal damage to the boss (1 attack = 1 WAX).

After the start of the battle, all combatants will have 30 seconds to decide whether to strike the boss or to wait for a more opportune moment. At this point the player has to choose the right strategy, as the winner will be the one who made the last hit to the boss at the end of the time allotted for the strike.

Expected feedback: Increased interest from existing users, as well as attracting new players who have heard about our project, but were waiting for the appropriate time for entry.

Our goal is to conduct full-scale testing. We invite our community to participate and are ready to generously thank for this. But because this mechanic is associated with rewards — we want to protect ourselves and you from the bots, and so we put the entry threshold for the attack of 1 WAX.

Stay tuned in the announcements section so you don’t miss the first bout!




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